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Billing History

Providers can access the Billing History of a claim either from the Claims in Progress report or the Child Lookup report.  Please look over those Knowledge Base articles for more information on those reports or finding the Billing History.

The Billing History of a claim will show the attendance information, including:
  • Child's name
  • DOB
  • CIN
  • Authorization #
  • Service type
  • Invoice number
  • Service date

The table on the Billing History page lists the following:

  • Payment source (insurance company, Medicaid, or Escrow)
  • Current status of the claim (Insurance, Medicaid, Escrow, Closed)
  • The status of the claim for that institution (Billed, Ready)
  • Amount Billed
  • Amount Paid
  • CPT Code
  • ICD9 Code
  • Rendering Provider
  • Rendering Provider NPI

The Billing History table also shows more specific claim information under the 277 and 835 columns. 

Providers should note the column "277 Information." This will list a a Category Status, Status, and Entity code received for a claim.  These codes will indicate if a claim has been received, if it has been accepted or rejected for processing, and possibly why that claim has been rejected.  This Knowledge Base article includes a full list of 277 codes and more information on reading those codes.  This Knowledge Base article includes a list of common 277 codes that providers have received on insurance claims.

The column "277 Claim Reference Number" lists the patient account or patient control number that is generated with a claim.  This number should begin with CS, SBA, or IB and is the same number providers should look for on an EOB.  This number can be entered into the Reporting EOB's screen to see if the IFA has electronically received EOB's for a claim.  Please note that this number will only be listed for claims billed electronically.

These columns should be especially helpful for providers to view the status of their insurance billing.

Article ID: 100, Created On: 7/23/2013, Modified: 10/27/2015

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