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Common 277 Codes from Insurance

Providers can click here for a PDF download of a list of the 30 most common 277 codes received from insurance companies.  This list includes a description of each code along with what action is required to correct and resubmit claims.  Providers should find these codes helpful when looking at the billing history of their insurance claims.

Please note that the Insurance Claims Needing Attention page is referenced in the article.  This Knowledge Base article includes more information on that page.  The Reporting EOB's page is also referenced.  This article includes more information on that page.

If you have received a 277 code that you do not see on this list, you may want to refer to this Knowledge Base article for more information on that code.

Please note that there is more information on the 277 rejection code A7:153:PR in this Knowledge Base article.

Article ID: 102, Created On: 7/26/2013, Modified: 10/27/2015

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