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View Escrow Batches Report

Counties can view information on Escrow batches in the View Escrow Batches report.  This report allows county users to view claims from an Escrow check batch listed either by batch, or broken down by provider and check number.

To access the View Escrow Batches report, click "Reports" in the menu, then drop down to click "View Escrow Batches."

The View Escrow Batches report will list batches of Escrow checks by the batch date and includes the number of checks, number of claims, and the amount for that batch.

County users can then click either "View Checks" to view a list of the checks included in that batch or "View Claims" to see all of the claims included in that batch.

If county users click "View Checks," they will see a list of the checks included in that batch, listing the check number, check date, provider, and amount.

If county users click "View Claims" from the View Checks for Escrow Batch page, they can then see the claims paid on that particular check.  This page includes provider and child information.

If county users click "View Claims" from the View Escrow Batches page, they can see all of the claims paid in that Escrow batch, listed by check number and provider.

Each of these pages can be exported to Excel by clicking "Excel" at the bottom of the page.

Article ID: 105, Created On: 7/31/2013, Modified: 10/28/2015

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