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Important Announcement - Providers PEP Agreement Available


New York State Department of Health
New York Early Intervention System (NYEIS) Electronic Mailing List

Important Announcement - Providers PEP Agreement Available

Dear Colleague:

This announcement is to notify Early Intervention providers that the Preliminary Escrow Payment (PEP) Provider Agreement to participate in the temporary one – time PEP is now available on the interim State Fiscal Agent’s webpage, Availability of these payments is subject to the agreement of municipalities to participate in the funding of the PEP as well as an agreement signed and notarized by the provider. Participation in the PEP is voluntary to both the providers and municipalities.  The Department is collaborating with municipalities to make these temporary one-time payments available while continuing to work with providers, insurers, and municipalities to improve the timeliness of adjudication of commercial insurance claims.

The Preliminary Escrow Payment Agreement can be found by accessing, selecting the reports tab, choosing the Preliminary Escrow Payment option and selecting the “Print Agreement” button. This agreement must include the signature and title of an authorized finance officer of the approved provider agency, or approved individual provider, who will be agreeing to the payment and subsequent recoupment of the PEP. The agreement must be notarized where indicated and returned to the Department of Health (Department) as soon as possible.

To expedite this process, you may scan the original completed, signed and notarized Provider PEP Agreement  and e-mail it to or by fax to the Department at (518) 486-1090 with Attn: Provider Approval Unit and the subject/heading line: Provider PEP Agreement. Please return the original signed and notarized Provider PEP Agreement to the Department at:

Attn: Provider Approval Unit
Empire State Plaza
Corning Tower, Rm. 287
Albany, NY 12237-0660

General questions regarding PEP should be directed to
Questions regarding the return of the agreement should be directed to

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