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Medicaid Payments


New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Early Intervention Electronic Mailing List

Attention EI Billing Providers - 2014 Medicaid Payments will be issued as an electronic deposit

Audience: Early Intervention (EI) Providers who have an Appendix 1 as part of their EI Provider Agreement otherwise known as EI Billing Providers

Topic:  August 1, 2013 eMedNY website announcement of the requirement that all billing providers sign up for electronic fund transfer (EFT) Medicaid payments

eMedNY website:

Question #1 - What is this requirement?
Answer - In 2014, Medicaid payments will be issued as an electronic deposit to the EI Billing Provider’s designated bank account rather than via paper check. This is called an electronic fund transfer (EFT).

Question #2 - When in 2014, will this occur?
Answer - As the EI State Fiscal Agent’s Electronic Transmitter Identification Number (ETIN) approaches its yearly expiration date (March 2014), EI Billing Providers enrolled in Medicaid will be sent notifications by eMedNY instructing them to complete a new certification form and an electronic fund transfer (EFT) form. If you are already signed up for EFT, you need only return the signed/notarized certification form. Complete instructions will be included with the certification renewal notification. Note: Failure to return the appropriate form(s) with the required Certification form will cause claims to be rejected.

Question #3 - Does this requirement apply to all EI Billing Providers?
Answer - Yes. This requirement will apply to Individual and Agency Billing Providers.

Question #4 - What is the certification form, is this something new?
Answer - When you completed your initial Medicaid enrollment, you completed the CERTIFICATION STATEMENT FOR PROVIDER BILLING MEDICAID.

Question #5 - Can I have electronic fund transfer now?
Answer - Yes. You can sign up now. One advantage of an EFT is quicker access to your Medicaid payments.

Question #6- How do I sign up?
Answer- More information and a tutorial can be found on the eMedNY website

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