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PCG Takes Over Manual Entry of Remittance Data for EI Providers


New York State Department of Health
New York Early Intervention System (NYEIS) Electronic Mailing List

PCG, the State Fiscal Agent, Takes Over Manual Entry of Remittance Data for EI Providers

Dear Colleague:

Beginning February 17, 2014, Public Consulting Group (PCG) will take over the manual entry of remittance data from providers. This change is being made to streamline the current billing and claiming process and to reduce the time burden that Early Intervention providers have with obtaining information from third-party insurers and entering the data. 

As part of this effort, PCG has setup a system where it will obtain remittance data directly from insurers’ websites on behalf of billing providers and enter it into EIBilling. PCG will work with individual providers based on how they currently obtain EOB and remittance data to enter it in to EIBilling. 

• Providers who already have access to insurer websites will need to give permissions to PCG to access via a secure e-fax line (518) 836 0456. This is a new dedicated secure e-fax line apart from our current e-fax line.

• Providers, who do not currently have access to insurers’ websites, may be contacted by PCG if the fiscal agent does not have enough information on file to obtain access on the providers’ behalf or if additional permission is required by an insurer.

• Providers, who receive EOBs directly from insurers, can now send those EOBs directly to PCG via e-fax (518) 836 0456.

• Providers can continue to review all data entered into EIBilling.

• Providers are still responsible to continue to work and re-submit denied workable claims that appear on  For assistance with workable denials, please contact the customer service center at (866) 315 3747.

• Providers have the option to opt out of this opportunity. If a provider chooses to continue obtaining and entering their own EOBs, please notify PCG by emailing by February 28, 2014. If a provider chooses this option they must continue to fax EOBs after entry into EIBilling to the current fax number (518) 836 0500.  This will insure that we have a complete transaction history.

As this new phase of entering remittance data begins and as a means to reduce the burden on Early Intervention providers, municipalities, and taxpayers, the Department of Health, Department of Financial Services and PCG will continue to work with third-party insurers to obtain remittance data electronically.

Please do not respond to this announcement.

Thank You

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