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Video Available: Training 103 Part II: Insurance Data Entry for Claiming

PCG has released a video version of the Webex-based training "Training 103 Part II: Insurance Data Entry for Claiming" that took place from January 12-23, 2015.

This is a follow-up to "Training 103 Part I: Accurate Insurance Information Collection", and is geared toward Service Coordinators. However, all Early Intervention stakeholders are invited to view the video. 

The following topics are discussed in the 35-minute video:

 - Recap important elements of 103 Service Coordinator Part I training.

 - Define and explain all mandatory fields on the NYEIS Insurance Coverage page.

 - Explain how to enter and/or edit insurance information on a child's NYEIS Insurance Coverage page.

 - Describe the importance of accurate insurance information entered in NYEIS.

Click HERE to view the video.

A companion PDF document accompanies the video, and is available for download here: 103 Part II.pdf

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