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Accessing and Viewing Voided Claims in EI Billing

PCG has released a presentation which outlines the navigation and viewing of voided claims in EI Billing.

Titled "Accessing and Viewing Voided Claims in EI Billing", this presentation is designed for Providers who wish to view information on voided Medicaid and Escrow claims within the EI Billing system.

After reviewing this material, the Provider will be able to successfully:
  • Navigate through EI Billing to view the relevant reports.
  • View a summary of claims and detailed claim information.
  • Understand the various claims statuses used and their definitions.

The presentation can be downloaded by RIGHT-CLICKING this file, Accessing & Viewing Voidsand then following these instructions below:

1. Save the attached file to your computer. We recommend saving it to your desktop.

2. Extract (unzip) the file. 

3. Double-click the story.html file to launch. If a security message appears to 'Allow Blocked Content', be sure to accept/enable this option.

A .pdf document is available, and can be downloaded as an alternative to the presentation. It is available by clicking this link: Accessing & Viewing Voids.

A list of all claims status descriptions is also available for download by clicking this link: Claim Status Descriptions.

Article ID: 234, Created On: 2/18/2015, Modified: 10/27/2015

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