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Parent Page: More Resources

Below are several helpful resources for the parents and families of children receiving Early Intervention services.

New EI Parent Checklist - A checklist to ensure that you have everything you need for you child's initial Service Coordinator appointment.

Early Intervention Acronym Guide - A guide to acronyms that you may come across on the Early Intervention Parent Page.

Glossary of Early Intervention Terms - A glossary of helpful terms for parents of children receiving services, as well as common health insurance terms.

External Resources - Links to external resources for parents of children receiving services, including advocacy groups and condition-specific information.

County Contact Information - A list of contacts for Early Intervention by county, including each county's EI website.

Legal Resources - Shows you how to view both insurance laws as well as public health laws relating to Early Intervention Services.

Insurance Flowchart - This helpful flowchart can heap you determine if your child's insurance plan is regulated by New York State and whether you need to provide consent to bill the insurance plan.

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