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Claim Denial and Rejection Management Training Course

PCG is pleased to announce that the recent Claim Denial and Rejection Management Training WebEx is now available via a self-paced presentation. This complements the live WebEx training which was offered from April 13-24, 2015.

This 60-minute course is ideal for both those who missed the original WebEx offerings and those who would like to review the material.

These objectives are covered in the presentation:

·      Objective One: Review “Life Cycle of an Insurance Claim”, “ All About the Explanation of Benefits”, and “The Importance of Prompt Claim Submission” tutorials (link here).

·         Objective Two: Discuss Non-Workable and Workable Claims

·         Objective Three: Reducing the Occurrence of Denials and Rejections

·         Objective Four: Where to Find Your Denials and Rejections

·         Objective Five: The Follow-up Process

·         Objective Six: Resubmission of Claims

The link to the course is available here - Claim Rejection and Denial Management.

PDF Handouts are available for direct download - those links are below.

1 Slide Per Page

3 Slides Per Page

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