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Provider Address Rules

Bureau of Early Intervention Provider Approval Staff have been revising addresses in NYEIS so that they comply with the rules set by HIPAA 5010, Excellus, and Emdeon.

The rules include the following:

       ·   Addresses must be formatted as listed with the United States Post Office ( This includes the use of Zip+4 Codes, abbreviations, punctuation, and the number of lines used when recording an address.

       ·   Physical Addresses:

o   Cannot contain a PO Box.

o   Must contain a Zip+4 Code. If none then +9999 is utilized.

       ·   Billing and Claiming Addresses:

o   Required if payments are sent to a different address than what is recorded as Physical Address. If a Billing and Claiming address and Physical Address are the same all formatting must match.

o   Can contain a PO Box.

o   Must be a verified address.

o   Must contain a Zip+4 Code.

***We strongly suggest that you do not revise your Billing and Claiming Address in NYEIS. Rather contact the Provider Approval Unit ( or 518-473-7016, press 1 when prompted) to ensure that the address is formatted correctly.*** 

If you have any questions please contact

Article ID: 264, Created On: 6/11/2015, Modified: 10/28/2015

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