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EFT Provider Enrollment Notification

The Bureau of Early Intervention and the State Fiscal Agent (SFA), PCG, are pleased to announce that Early Intervention (EI) Billing Providers now have the option to receive escrow payments via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Prior to offering this option to all EI Billing Providers, the SFA conducted a pilot with selected Providers, to ensure a smooth and efficient EFT enrollment process. The success of this pilot allows the SFA to open enrollment for all EI Billing Providers on Wednesday, August 5, 2015.

Prior to beginning the enrollment process, all Billing Providers must complete a short training tutorial – How to Sign Up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – available now on the Training Page. This tutorial steps through the process of enrolling in EFT online via DO NOT enter any enrollment information on prior to completing the tutorial.

Prior to completing the tutorial and beginning the EFT enrollment process, you must have the following information available:

·         Financial Institution Information: You will need to have your checking account information in order to initiate your enrollment in EFT. This includes:

o   Bank Name

o   Bank Routing Number

o   Checking Account Number

·         Alternative Email Address: For security purposes, we ask that you use an email address other than the address you use for general EI correspondence.

Please Note: In addition to completing the online EFT Request Form (as described in the tutorial), you MUST send a printed copy of your completed, signed EFT Request Form and a voided check to the SFA via secure fax or US Postal Service. To reduce enrollment times, the SFA recommends that Billing Providers use the secure fax number. See below for the addresses:

Secure fax:
(518) 338-1580
Attention: Escrow Accounting

US Postal Service:
Public Consulting Group
200 International Drive Suite 160
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Attention: Escrow Accounting

If you have any questions about the EFT enrollment process, please contact the SFA Customer Service Center at (866) 315-3747, or the PCG Training Team at

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