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NYEIS Initial ICD-10 Code List

New York State Department of Health
New York Early Intervention System (NYEIS) Electronic Mailing List

NYEIS Initial ICD-10 Code List

Dear Colleague:

This message is in follow-up to the NYEIS Version 4.3 (ICD-10) release communication. 

Attached (click here) is the initial list of 258 ICD-10 codes available in NYEIS as of 9/23/2015. This list includes:

  • Codes associated with diagnosed conditions used to establish eligibility for the Early Intervention Program (EIP) and are identified as yes in the “EI Eligible” field
  • Most frequently used codes in NYEIS for billing purposes
  • ICD-10 codes recommended by provider representatives who reviewed the General Equivalence Mapping (GEM) tool developed by the Bureau of Early Intervention (BEI) and the State Fiscal Agent (SFA). 

If providers determine that there is an ICD-10 code needed in NYEIS for billing purposes, a feature request form must be submitted and include both the code and description. The form is available at   

Requests will be reviewed by BEI staff and the SFA.  Please allow 2-3 weeks from the date the Feature Request Form is received by BEI for the code to be available in NYEIS.

Contact Information: 

NYEIS Questions, contact the NYEIS Helpdesk: or by phone at 518-640-8390

EI Billing Questions, contact SFA Call Center: 1-866-315-3747

CMS Website Related to ICD-10:

NYS Medicaid:

EIP NYEIS Assistance:

BEI Technical Assistance: or by phone at 518-473-7016

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