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Updated ICD-10 Codes in NYEIS - December 2015

Dear Colleague:

This message is in follow-up to several requests received to make additional ICD-10 Codes available in NYEIS. Click here for an updated list of 416 ICD-10 codes available in NYEIS as of 12/10/2015. 

If providers determine that there is an ICD-10 code needed in NYEIS for billing purposes, a feature request form must be submitted and include both the code and description. The form is available at

Requests will be reviewed prior to being entered into NYEIS.  Please allow up to 4 weeks from the date the Feature Request Form is received for the code to be available in NYEIS.

Contact Information:

NYEIS Questions, contact the NYEIS Helpdesk: or by phone at 518-640-8390

EI Billing Questions, contact SFA Call Center: 1-866-315-3747

Article ID: 302, Created On: 12/14/2015, Modified: 12/14/2015

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