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PCG Manual Entry of EOBs for Providers

Over the last several weeks, the SFA has released multiple communications regarding provider enrollment in the 835 process. In these communications, PCG announced that following the 835 enrollment process, BEI would be ending manual entry for all EI Billing Providers and that the PCG EOB team would stop entering EOBs for providers.

Manual EOB entry by PCG will end at on December 31, 2015. All EI Billing Providers who rely on PCG to enter EOBs on their behalf will no longer be able to do so after this date.

  •         As a result, providers who currently rely on PCG to enter EOBs on their behalf should fax any final EOBs for entry by 5pm, EST, on Monday, December 28, to ensure they are reviewed by PCG. All efforts will be made to review as many EOBs as possible that are received after the cutoff time. In order for PCG to provide the best possible customer service, please be sure to only send EOBs that have not been previously entered into EI Billing.  

  •        During the transition to 835s, providers will still be able to manually enter EOBs in to EI Billing on their own.

We wish to thank those providers who have completed the 835 enrollment process. For those who have not yet enrolled, please refer to our prior communications regarding the process.

The SFA will work to guide you through this transition as seamlessly as possible, so that all EI Billing Providers can begin enjoying the multitude of benefits offered by the 835 process.

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please contact the PCG Customer Service Center at (866) 315-3747.

Article ID: 305, Created On: 12/21/2015, Modified: 12/21/2015

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