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Setting Up a Provider Profile

To set up a provider profile, you must be logged in at

On the menu, click on "Maintenance" and drop down to click "Provider Profile."

When your provider profile loads, you will see three tabs: "Provider Information," "KIDS Municipalities," and "Associated Providers for Medicaid."

Under the first tab, "Provider Information," you will only be able to change your eight digit Medicaid Provider # and your ETIN if you have one and choose to include it.  Please note that you do not need to have an ETIN.  If you have an ETIN, whether or not it is added to your provider profile, it will not affect your billing.

All of the other information on this page is imported from the NYEIS system.  If any information is incorrect here, except for the NPI, you need to correct it in the NYEIS system. if you need assistance updating information in NYEIS, you can contact the NYEIS help desk by phone at (518)640-8390 or by email at will import new data from NYEIS weekly.

If the NPI listed in your provider profile is incorrect, please contact the Customer Service Center at 1-866-315-3747 Monday-Friday 7am-7pm.

Under the second tab, "KIDS Municipalities," you can select the counties with which you associate by checking off the box next to the county name.  Click "Add" to add the selected counties to your list of Current Associated KIDS Municipalities. These will be the counties from which you can choose to submit service records and bills.  Adding a county to your "KIDS Municipalities" will also add you to that county's "Provider List."

Under the third tab, "Associated Providers for Medicaid," you can add individuals who work with your agency to your profile. You will be able to choose from associated providers when uploading service records to  Please note that the list of your "Associated Providers for Medicaid" is also imported from the NYEIS system.  If any of this information needs to be corrected, you need to do so in NYEIS.  If you correct this information on and not in NYEIS, your changes will not be permanent.

To add an associated provider, click "Add New" and fill in the provider's information. If the provider is also a teacher, you do not need to include certification number.  When all of the information has been filled in, click "Add." The new provider should appear in your list of associated providers.

Please note that this does not create a user log in for the added associate provider. For more information on adding users to your profile, click here.

A training video on this topic is available here.

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