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Benefits to 835 Remittance Enrollment

As EI Billing Providers have been enrolling to receive 835 remittance (also called Electronic Remittance Advice, or ERA) from third-party payers, PCG would like to remind providers about some key benefits of enrolling to receive 835 remittance now:

835 is the New Standard: The SFA and BEI consider 835 to be the new standard for EI Billing Providers to receive electronic remittance information.

Benefits to Providers: There are several benefits to providers that enroll to receive 835 remittance:

  • Shorter Payment Cycle – Receiving remittance data electronically shortens the lifecycle of a claim, by allowing the SFA to receive remittance data more quickly
  • Reduction in Administrative Burden – Reduces manual work by eliminating the need for EI Providers to enter remittance data directly into EI Billing or send remittance data to the SFA for processing
  • Data Accuracy and Completeness – Allows the SFA to receive more detailed information, which stands up to scrutiny and protects the Provider
  • Reduction in Denials – Helps prevent subsequent denials based on untimely claims resubmissions
  • Industry Standard – The receipt of insurance remittance data via an 835 is a HIPAA-compliant industry standard practice

EI Billing Providers that have enrolled to receive 835 remittance have already begun to see benefits. Providers can view their payment posting history in EI Billing to see how long it takes for their payments to post. For the majority of payment activity, providers will notice a shorter payment cycle for 835 remittance compared other payment posting methods. This recent publication provides more information about the benefits of electronic transactions.

If you would like more information about the benefits of receiving 835 remittance, or have any questions about the enrollment process, please contact the PCG Customer Service Center at (866) 315-3747.


Article ID: 375, Created On: 11/29/2017, Modified: 11/29/2017

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