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Announcement for the Early Intervention Program’s Social-Emotional Development Webpage

Dear Early Intervention Program Colleagues: 

The Bureau of Early Intervention is pleased to announce a Social-Emotional Development webpage for families on the Department of Health Bureau of Early Intervention website.  This webpage for families was developed in conjunction with and to supplement the release of the NYS DOH Guidance Document Meeting the Social-Emotional Development Needs of Infants and Toddlers: Guidance for Early Intervention Providers and Other Early Childhood Professionals. We encourage you to share this webpage with the families in the EIP.

The webpage can be accessed using the following link:

The webpage includes:

  • Information about social-emotional development to help families and caregivers have a better understanding of their infant and/or toddler’s social-emotional development, including information on social-emotional developmental milestones, guidance on how to promote social-emotional development, and information on what to do if they have concerns about their child’s social-emotional development.
  • Questions addressed on the webpage include:
    • What is social-emotional development?
    • What does social-emotional development in infants and toddlers mean to our child and family?
    • How can we promote social-emotional development in our child?
    • How do we know if our child is developing typically in the area of social-emotional development?
    • What do delays in social-emotional development look like?
    • What is our next step if we have concerns about our child’s social-emotional development?

There is also information on who to contact if a parent or caregiver has concerns about their infant or toddler’s social-emotional development, and resources and links to documents in a PDF format on social-emotional development. 

Please share this webpage with EI Families

If you need additional information, please submit your question in writing to

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