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Updated Information on Medicaid Requirements for EI Billing



New York State Department of Health
New York Early Intervention System (NYEIS) Electronic Mailing List

Updated Information on Medicaid Requirements for EI Billing 


Dear Colleague:

The Bureau of Early Intervention has been informed of two additional procedures which must be completed by Early Intervention Program (EIP) providers with an Appendix 1 provider agreement and enrolled as billing providers in the Medicaid Program. 

1. Service Bureau Certification

As you know, McGuinness Associates, Inc., (McGuinness) is serving as the interim State Fiscal Agent for fiscal management of the EIP.  McGuinness is enrolled as a service bureau with the Office of Health Insurance Program and has received a Medicaid provider ID and ETIN for use in submission of claims to the Medicaid Program for adjudication.  For McGuinness to submit claims on behalf of an EIP provider, the EIP provider must complete a certification process to associate the provider with the McGuinness ETIN.

If you completed an Appendix 1 with your provider agreement, and your enrollment as a billing provider in the Medicaid Program has been completed, with you will receive or may already have received, an email from EIBilling/McGuinness with the required certification form, and instructions for completing, notarizing, and returning the certification form to Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC).  Please note that the certification form is pre-populated with the McGuinness ETIN information and the billing provider’s information.  The form must be printed, signed, notarized and returned to CSC to authorize McGuinness to submit claims on behalf of the provider.  If you do not receive an email by close of business today, Tuesday May 7, 2013, please send an email to to verify or correct your email address.

2. Rendering Provider Association with Agency Billing Provider NPI

The Medicaid Program requires Agency Billing Providers to associate providers rendering services on behalf of the agency, including both employees and subcontractors, with the billing provider’s NPI.  McGuinness Associates has agreed to work with the Department to use data from the New York Early Intervention System (NYEIS) to batch upload employees and subcontractors affiliated with agency providers into the eMedNY system.  Therefore, no action is necessary on the part of agency billing providers to complete this association process.  Providers are encouraged to update and maintain information in NYEIS regarding their current employees and subcontractors.

Thank you.


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