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Early Intervention Interim Billing and Claiming Process


New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Early Intervention Electronic Mailing List

Early Intervention Interim Billing and Claiming Process


The purpose of this communication is to introduce EI Providers to the interim billing and claiming process effective as of April 1, 2013.  This is the first in a series of communications bulletins intended to coordinate EI Provider migration to the new process.  The planned set of communication bulletins will include:

· How to Submit EI Billing after 4/1/2013  

· How to Enter Paper Insurance Remittances/EOB  

· How to Resolve Workable Rejections & Denials  

· How to View the Status of CLAIMS  

A New Website
A new website has been developed.  Access to the billing functionality at this website requires proper login credentials.  Those credentials are being emailed to EI providers separately.  This website will serve as the focal point for Providers, Counties, DOH, and the interim fiscal process.

NYEIS Billing

There is no change to enter billing for children enrolled in NYEIS.  If a provider uses the NYEIS data entry screens to enter billing, simply continue to do so.  If a provider uses in-house software or 3rd party software to electronically transmit billing to NYEIS, simply continue to do so.  The interface from NYEIS to the interim fiscal process is seamless.  

KIDS Billing

For services provided to children enrolled in KIDS, there are three (3) options for entering billing.  First, the ability to process a KIDS “disk billing” file has been preserved.  Those providers who have been using KIDS “disk billing” can continue to do so.  Second, the interim fiscal process will offer an EXCEL template that can be used to enter attendance off-line.  Third, web based attendance entry is available at the new website.

Details of how to navigate this new website will be depicted in a training webinar.  A link to this training webinar will be emailed to providers in the very near future.

In the coming weeks there will be webinars on these interim procedures so that the reimbursement process can continue.

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