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Generating Subrogation Letters

To generate subrogation letters you will need to log in to 

Once you are logged in, click "Claiming" up in the menu, drop down to click "Insurance," and then drop down to click "Generate Subrogation Letters."

On the next screen, select "Unprinted" from the drop down menu and click "Retrieve."

You should see a table appear with data listed for each child.  Select the children you wish to print letters for, scroll to the bottom of this table, and click "Generate Letters."  If you have not selected children from the list, you will not see the option to generate letters.

If you select "Printed" from the drop down menu, you will see subrogation letters that you have already printed.

If you see "No Letters Found" on this page, you have either printed all of your subrogation letters, or you may not be able to generate letters at this time.

Please note that tntered, you should contact NYEIS about children enrolled in NYEIS and the municipality about children enrolled in are a few reasons you may not be able to generate a subrogation letter for a child:
  • The child does not have insurance coverage
  • The child only has Medicaid coverage
  • The child's insurance is not regulated by New York State law
  • The only services provided to the child are Special Instruction and/or Service Coordination
  • The insurance information has not been entered by the service coordinator

If you are unable to generate a subrogation letter and would like to fill one out yourself, you can click here to download a PDF of a blank subrogation letter.

If there is a change in the child's insurance information, you will need to print new subrogation letters for that child.  If the child is covered by an entirely new policy, the new subrogation letter will come up if you select "Unprinted" from the drop-down menu.  If the child is covered by the same policy, but some information has changed or been corrected, you need to find the child's letter in the "Printed" letters.  If you retrieve, generate, and print that letter, it will fill in with the new information.

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