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Dashboard Error Messages

If you are receiving error messages on your Dashboard screen under "Medicaid Problems", these are issues you must resolve in order for the IFA to submit your claims to Medicaid. There are 6 possible errors that could occur:

If this warning occurs, you do not have a Medicaid Provider Number entered into your Provider Profile. If you do not have a Medicaid Provider Number, you will need to enroll with eMedNY.  You can find the enrollment form here.

If you have a Medicaid Provider Number, click "Details".  You will be brought to your Provider Profile.

Here, you can enter your Medicaid Provider Number.

The ETIN Certification form and the ERA Request Form simply allow the IFSA to bill on behalf of the provider.  The Certification Statement associates the IFSA's ETIN with the provider's NPI number, and the ERA Request form allows the IFSA to receive ERA's rather than having those sent directly to the provider.  That information, however, will be available to the provider in reports on

These eMedNY ETIN Certification forms are now available as a download in this Knowledge Base article, along with instructions on filling out the forms.

We will be receiving updates from the CSC about whose forms they have received each Friday, and these error messages will be updated. If you are receiving this error but have sent in your forms, it could be that we have not yet received confirmation from the CSC.

A CIN mismatch is a discrepancy between the data in NYEIS/KIDS and eMedNY linked to a CIN number.  If this discrepancy is an easy fix (a typo in the name, for example), it will appear under CIN Conflicts. Here you can confirm the conflict is negligible.

If there is a larger error (birth date or gender), it will appear under Medicaid Data Conflicts under Reports. Here, you will need to contact your county. The county can also view this list of conflicts, and will reconcile the errors with either NYEIS/KIDS or the DSS for eMedNY.

Here is a Knowledge Base Article with more information about Medicaid Data Conflicts.

When you click "Details", you will be brought to the Medicaid Data Conflicts Screen.

You must contact your county about differences found in this screen.

If you receive these errors, you should make sure the contact information in NYEIS is corrected.

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