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Child Lookup

The Child Lookup report lists all of the children a provider provides services to, and details for each child's information.  This report can be used to find a child's general information, service information, insurance policy information, and claim information.

To view the Child Lookup, click "Reports" in the menu, then drop down to click "Child Lookup."

The Child Lookup lists all of the children on a provider's case load, along with DOB, sex, NYEIS reference number, and the data source the child is enrolled with (NYEIS or KIDS).  This report includes a filter to allow providers to view all NYEIS or KIDS children.  Providers can also search by last name, NYEIS reference number, or KIDS service authorization number.

Child Lookup Details will show the information for a child listed under four tabs: Child Info, Services, Insurance Policies, and Claims. 

Under the first tab, Child Info, providers can see the following information, along with any other information entered by the child's service coordinator:
  • Child's Name
  • Address
  • CIN
  • Last eMedNY eligibility inquiry sent
  • NYEIS reference #
  • Data source (NYEIS or KIDS)

Under the second tab, services, the provider can see details of the services they provide to that child.  This includes the authorization number the provider should use for services, along with start and end dates for that number, and in which county the services are provided.

Under the third tab, Insurance Policies, the provider can see the insurance policy information entered into NYEIS or KIDS.  This will list each insurance policy that the child is or has been covered by, along with start and end dates, whether or not the company is subject to NYS law.  This page also lists any CIN entered into NYEIS or KIDS.

To see the address the fiscal agent has for an insurance company, or where any claims billed on paper are sent, click on the insurance company name.  Providers can also view the details of a child's insurance policy by clicking the policy number.

Providers can also view the details of a child's insurance policy by clicking the policy number.  This will also show if the policy is marked as Medicaid Managed Care.

Under the fourth tab of the Child Lookup Details, providers can view all of the claims entered for a specific child.  This page will list the following information:
  • Claim status (Insurance, Medicaid, or Escrow)
  • Service date
  • Authorization #
  • County information
  • Denial and payment information
  • Service type
  • Service category

Providers can also enter a date range, authorization number, service type, or service category to help filter claims.

Providers can also click "Billing History" to view the billing history of a specific claim. 

For more information on billing history, please see the Knowledge Base article for Billing History.

Article ID: 99, Created On: 7/23/2013, Modified: 10/27/2015

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